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How to join[ Fatality ] Empty How to join[ Fatality ]

Post by [D]mitriy ✓ on Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:07 pm

Since spots are limited and it takes hell of a long time to upgrade guild to get more spots for members

Currently we are at 16/16 ( guild level 5 almost at guild level 6 )

This basically means that it wont be that easy to get into the guild unless someone becomes inactive or does something stupid ( like attacking guild members, being a drama queen, not helping out with members bosses or donating to further the growth of the guild )

Info required to apply

Your Name:
Your Total Attack:
Your Total Deff:
Your Total Int:
Your Level:

Why you would like to join [ Fatality ]

1. Be level 45+
2. Be active on the forums ( this actually increases your chances of getting in ) ( keep in mind forums are new and will take some time to build up )

When the spot(s) open up the best applicants will be invited. The guild leader will be notified why you are the best choice etc.. and you will be contacted to apply. Or your application will be accepted if you have already applied ( but like I said, guild is always full so who knows when a spot will open up )
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